Greenbelt Corridor

The Greenbelt Corridor is a pristine area that offers a quiet, scenic location for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Located on the south end of Lake Ray Roberts, the Greenbelt Corridor is within about an hour from the Dallas metropolitan area. Visiting the Greenbelt Corridor will provide you with a way to take a break and enjoy nature without traveling too far.

You will find a total of 2 large parks and several smaller access areas within the Lake Ray Roberts State Park, and the Greenbelt Corridor is very different from the other parks that surround the lake. This natural environment is very beautiful, and offers outdoor activities for people of all ages.

Secluded Trails

There are a number of equestrian and hiking trails for you to discover, and you can start at the Ray Roberts Dam and end near Lake Lewisville. You will find remote areas where you can enjoy the quiet stillness of nature, as well as campsites and gathering areas to enjoy with your family and friends. There is something for everyone, making the Greenbelt Corridor a great destination for your family.

Camping and Day Trips

Some people choose to visit the Greenbelt Corridor for a few hours, and it is a great day trip because it is so accessible from the surrounding metropolitan areas. Or, if you need a getaway for a few days, then you can plan a camping or RV trip and stay near the lake to recharge and have fun.

You can choose a secluded area where you can enjoy camping without many people around. Or, participate in some of the fun activities such as campfire programs or a visit to the Interpretive Center that is located in nearby Isle Du Bois park area. The Greenbelt Corridor is an untouched, serene area with nearby amenities and activities in the surrounding parks. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Ray Roberts, then plan your trip to the Greenbelt Corridor area.