Lake Ray Roberts Trails

Lake Ray Roberts has numerous trails that are perfect for all experience levels. If you are into hiking, biking, or even equestrian trail riding, Lake Ray Roberts has an option for you.

Greenbelt Corridor Trail

The Greenbelt Corridor is a 10 mile hiking trail or 12 mile equestrian trail that starts at the Lake Ray Roberts dam and travels down to the northern shores of Lake Lewisville. This fun corridor follows the Elm Fork Branch of the Trinity River as it flows down to Lake Lewisville. There are trail heads located at FM 455 (this is the dam area of Lake Ray Roberts), FM428 (south of FM 455 along the Elm Fork / Trinity River), and US 380 (University Drive in Denton) at the Greenbelt Corridor Park.

The Lake Ray Roberts end of the Greenbelt Corridor is very close to the Isle Du Bois Branch of Lake Ray Roberts State Park. Within Isle Du Bois, there are equestrian camping available and equestrian trails within that park.

The great thing about the Greenbelt Corridor is that there are separate equestrian trails and hiking trails. If you like canoeing or kayaking, you can also canoe this section of the Elm Fork as it runs down to Lake Lewisville. There are canoe rentals available at Lake Ray Roberts Marina if you do not have your own.

This is a beautiful trail that anyone that loves the outdoors will enjoy.

Lost Pines Trail

Located within Isle Du Bois, the Lost Pines Trail is a leisurely trail that is near the entrance of Isle Du Bois and travels down to Lake Ray Roberts. This is a fun little trail that offers signs of points of interest along the trail. If you are camping in Isle Du Bois or just visiting for the day, you should definitely check out the Lost Pines Trail.

This is really just a short nature trail that we would consider like a boy scout trail. It is not intended for hard core hikers and bikers. The trail does pass by the amphitheater that is within Isle Du Bois.

Randy Bell Scenic Trail

The Randy Bell Scenic Trail is a 2.2 mile trail that circles the interior of Isle Du Bois park. This is a paved trail intended for hiking or biking that goes through the various campgrounds and day use areas of Isle Du Bois. One of the great things about Lake Ray Roberts is that you will find all sorts of trails. If you prefer the paved paths, the Randy Bell Scenic Trail can be a lot of fun to explore. It is perfect for exploring Isle Du Bois park.

Jordan Park Trail

The Jordan Park Trail starts in Isle Du Bois in the equestrian camping area (Bluestem Grove) and travels for 4.5 miles to Jordan Park / Lantana Lodge. This trail follows the shoreline of the Lake Ray Roberts. The trail can be used by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. This is a beautiful trail that is somewhat less traveled than the other trails around Isle Du Bois.

Johnson Branch Trail

Within the Johnson Branch Unit of Lake Ray Roberts State Park, there is a 2.8 mile trail loop that travels around and through the entire Johnson Branch park. This trail is mostly paved an pefect for hiking or biking. You can explore all of the Johnson Branch camping areas and day use areas by following this trail loop.

Dogwood Canyon Trail

The Dogwood Canyon Trail extends out of the Dogwood Canyon camping area of the Johnson Branch Unit. This hiking and biking trail has a DOBRA trailhead as the start of the trail. This is an awesome primitive hiking and biking trail that trails along the northern shoreline of Lake Ray Roberts. The trail is approximately 2.8 miles in length. There are several restrooms available along the trail.

As you can see there are numerous trails all over Lake Ray Roberts and extending all the way down to Lake Lewisville. Whatever you outdoor adventure requires, the trails around Lake Ray Roberts are sure to fill your need. With equestrian trails, hiking trails, nature trails, mountain biking trails, paved trails, and more, Lake Ray Roberts has a wonderful trail system.